smooth swirling art based on Perlin noise

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Surge is the result of months of experimentation with flow fields.

A 2 dimensional field of vectors is created on a canvas, which interacts directly with simulated particles and causes a change or continuation in velocity and/or direction. The result is a painted trajectory that resembles a brush on canvas.

Computational randomness as well as certain constraints were used to iterate through hundreds of combinations and when I found something I loved, we built on it.

smooth swirling art based on Perlin noise
smooth swirling art based on Perlin noise

the process

Computational randomness introduces a level of complexity to each piece that I didn't want to lose by using constraints and as a result I used a mixture of uniform and probabilistic randomness. Some outputs are large and continuous in nature, whereas others are more localised in their display.

Alongside form; palettes, color arrangement and finish were used in an extensive and exciting way to bring each piece to life.



An exuberant particle is full of energy. Independent of its interaction with the flow field, an exuberant line can easily transition across the canvas whereas one with little energy is more likely to stagnate.


Each vector from the flow field applies an additional force to the paint brush, proportional to its magnitude. The more force applied, the more momentum the stroke has.


The flow field can be chaotic, with large changes in direction caused by only small movements across the canvas, or smooth with all vectors pointing in more or less the same direction


A greater number of brushstrokes can create a more compact finish, whilst empty space, in the right places is sometimes all you need.


Particles that have no overlap on the canvas are more resistant. This appears as individual and separate brush strokes.


Each palette and background combination has been individually selected, they are currently being finalised. Various colour arrangement techniques have been used to create a broad range of outputs.

smooth swirling art based on Perlin noise
smooth swirling art based on Perlin noise